A Movable Feast

There are a handful of things that make an evening out exciting. There’s food. There are friends. And then there is the spice of adventure, of trying something new and unexpected.

That is the theory behind the progressive dinner, a dinner party that calls for the partygoers to move to the next course as opposed to having the next course brought to them. Think of a suburban neighborhood where three or four or more couples move from one house to another, experiencing not just new dishes at each, but a different ambiance, a singular spark.

As Ernest Hemingway said of Paris, it is a moveable feast. And such a feast works equally well on the water with a progressive dinner brought dockside and enjoyed on the boats of friends and neighbors.
Progressive dinner parties can be tailor-made for the adventurous, with each household striving to present a dish that’s slightly out of the ordinary. And the experience is equally exciting whether on land or on the water. If you’re hosting on a boat, you want to prepare courses that are easy to make, easy to cook and, if possible, can be prepared ahead of time. Combining these three criteria with an even more important one—the food must be delicious—makes for some fun planning and inventive cooking.

So long as you have access to a cooler and a grill, these ideas for appetizer, entrée and dessert will impress your friends and influence your taste buds!

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