MarineMax Fishing Team Takes on the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational

July 15, 2014 – Brick, NJ – MarineMax announced today that the MarineMax Fishing Team will be a sponsor for the 2014 Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge, one of the Fisherman’s Post Inshore Tournament Trail events. The MarineMax Fishing Team will also be competing in the tournament as one of the MarineMax Saltwater Series of tournaments on their new Sailfish 2100 Bay Boat.

”The Wrightsville event will be held July 18-19, several weeks later in the year than previous events which used to be hosted in late May. Our hope is that the later date means a better flounder bite for the participating anglers—more anglers catching more and bigger fish,” explained Max Gaspeny of the Fisherman’s Post in the tournament’s welcome message. “We’re also confident that anglers will stand some solid chances at catching red drum in mid to late July, so in response to feedback from anglers in 2013, we’ve returned to a split red drum/flounder leaderboard for the Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge.”

The competition is a single-day tournament targeting flounder and red drum. Awards will be presented to anglers who weigh the heaviest single red drum and heaviest flounder. There will be payouts for 8 places in each category, as well as heaviest fish by a junior, lady and senior angler.

There are three Tournaments within a Tournament (TWT) that anglers can elect to participate, single big flounder, single big red drum, and one flounder, one drum aggregate. Boats can enter any TWT or all three to maximize their odds.

The Registration Party will be held at the Wild Wing Cafe, July 18, at starting at 3 PM and continues through to 8 PM. The Captain’s Meeting will be at 6 PM the same evening and location. Fishing begins Saturday, July 19 at 6 AM and weigh-in at the Wrightsville Beach Marina begins at 1 PM and boats must be in line by 4 PM to weigh fish. The Awards Party starts at 4 PM to weigh fish. The Awards dinner will also be held at the Wild Wing Café 4:30 with the Awards Ceremony starting at 6 PM.

“The Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge is the second of four Fisherman’s Post inshore tournaments we are sponsoring this year,” explained Thom Cross, MarineMax Wrightsville Beach General Manager. “We are proud to support the local fishing community by sponsoring these popular grass root events. These tournaments are family friendly and the MarineMax Fishing Team is all about brining family and friends together to spend time on the water doing what we all enjoy so much – fishing.”

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