2014 MarineMax Azimut Nantucket Gala

The 2014 Nantucket Azimut Gala, held July 31- August 3, offered friends, families, and customers from all over the United States the chance to kick back and relax with other boating enthusiasts. This event brought together more than 150 MarineMax and Azimut owners in the historic and picturesque Nantucket, Massachusetts where the full range of Azimut Flybridge, S line, and Atlantis yachts were available for viewing and sea-trialing.

Guests spent the weekend enjoying cocktail parties, live entertainment, volleyball tournaments, a scenic, family-style clam bake, and a luxurious gala event. Guests also enjoyed a dinner at the Great Harbor Yacht Club and a brunch at the historic White Elephant Restaurant. Learn More

2014 Azimut Nantucket--3 2014 Azimut Nantucket-0318 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1571 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1578 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1592 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1611 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1616 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1622 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1643 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1655 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1661 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1731 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1751 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1764 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1780 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1786 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1792 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1883 2014 Azimut Nantucket-1964 2014 Azimut Nantucket-2004 2014 Azimut Nantucket-2010

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