Collegiate Wake Series Makes a Stop on Lake Lanier with MarineMax Georgia

College Wake

MarineMax was the official tow boat sponsor with the 2014 Nautique G23 pulling 60 riders all day Saturday. Rob Mendieta, the event’s organizer explains, “There isn’t much left you can say about the top boat on the market for wakeboarding. Always a clean wake, always huge.”

Full Event Results:


  1. Damien Adam, Rollins College
  2. Jon Hunt, University of Georgia
  3. Pate Duddleston, University of Georgia

Men’s Advanced

  1. Jon Kistemaker, University of Florida
  2. Daniel Roop, Texas A&M
  3. Kyle Aubuchon, Texas A&M

Women’s Advanced

  1. Olivia Lombourd, Rollins College
  2. Heather Bouchard, University of Florida
  3. Morgen Burchell, Texas A&M


  1. Chris Bureau, University of Georgia
  2. Connor Kostra, Rollins College
  3. Ryan Barbalace, Wake Forest


  1. Marcus Knox, University of Florida
  2. Fletcher Baker, Rollins College
  3. Courtney Kobold, South Carolina

Women’s Beginner

  1. Maggie McDonald, West Florida
  2. Alyssa Dennis, University of Georgia
  3. Jenna Curtis, University of Florida

Men’s Beginner

  1. Matthew Rickards, Wake Forest
  2. Andrew Saxton,  Wake Forest
  3. Vladimir Stozhov, University of Florida

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