The Four Seasons of Boat Maintenance

Whether you boat in the north where seasons change dramatically or in the more temperate south, the changing seasons provide reminders of the benefits of maintaining your investment in the boating lifestyle.

If your boat had been winterized in the fall, this is a good time to schedule your boat’s recommissioning services. Even if you keep your boat in a temperate environment and have been boating all winter, it is a great time to schedule or perform routine maintenance before the more intense summer season begins.

In the summer everyone is boating and enjoying the benefits that come from the boating lifestyle. However, while you’re having fun, also remember that routine maintenance is imperative to keeping your boat on the water and running its best.

Starting around September boat owners to the north should be scheduling their winterization services. As the kids go back to school, the cooler air descends southward and the daylight hours grow shorter there is more time between boating adventures. This is a good time to perform fall maintenance which will assure that your boat is ready on a whim.

With freezing temperatures up north and cool weather and short daylight hours in the south, winter is a good time to take on major maintenance and repair.

The MarineMax service team members have the skills and experience to restore your boat like new again.


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