When Did the World Give up on Luxury?

This is the time for a magnificent comeback.


When did we decide that it wasn’t worth it? When did pretty good become good enough? When did the way things work become a secondary consideration? And who decided that we had to choose style over substance?


Sea Ray’s recent introduction of the new L-Class represents more than just the debut of new boats; it entails a comprehensive commitment to the best that Sea Ray has to offer in all disciplines. Whether it’s the highly personalized, concierge-assisted purchase experience, industry-leading customer service and warranty (three years bow-to-stern) or the materials, fit and finish of the boats themselves, the L-Class represents an entirely new paradigm in Sea Ray ownership.


MarineMax guests from across the country were invited to the Coastal Tour Experience. The premier Coastal Tour event schedule included stops in Tampa, West Palm Beach, Annapolis and New York City.
Guests were treated to an inspirational evening to explore the true luxury and exquisite performance of the Sea Ray L-Class, as embodied in the spectacular L650 Fly, and to test drive Aston Martin vehicles.

l65 sea  ray96

During the evening they enjoyed fine hospitality and entertainment while learning how the Sea Ray L-Class achieves the perfect balance of style and substance.

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