Bimini Rendezvous

For the 100 or so owners and select Boston Whaler employees who took part in the legendary boat brand’s Bimini Rendezvous, it was a fun–filled getaway, packed into four thrilling days. With the occasional Peanut Mahi feeding frenzy thrown in!

The Bimini Rendezvous 2014 kicked off with a party at Mackey’s Sand Bar on Tuesday. Guests mingled with fellow Whaler owners and Boston Whaler staff over hors d’oeuvres and island tunes, and got excited for the days ahead.

The five-day agenda held ample opportunities to explore and unwind, both as planned by Boston Whaler and on their own. Guests took part in the fishing tournament, contests and island games, a themed party and a group boating tour of Bimini. They also discovered fun on their own by strolling the beaches and snorkeling.

The group enjoyed a day of island hopping, with stops along the way for swimming and exploring the reefs. And no one missed the Honeymoon Harbor Party, which included lunch, beach games and leisurely hours on a deserted island. The crew wound down each evening with refreshing cocktails and lively conversation as the sun dipped below the endless blue horizon.

The Bimini Rendezvous was the perfect chance to truly relax, let down your hair – and form boating memories that will last a lifetime.

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