Scarab Jet Boats: Control the Anarchy


Scarab Jet Boats are a comfortable and safe boat built for families that enjoy adrenalin pumping performance

Built for the thrill seeking family, Scarab Jet Boats position the driver for all-round visibility and they have virtually no bow rise keeping the drivers line of sight unobstructed when performing the exceptionally quick hole shots that Scarabs are known for. Water jet propulsion eliminates propellers, a leading cause of serious injury and the boats are designed to have deep comfortable seating that keep the pilot and passengers in place during high speed maneuvering, giving every rider a worry free day on the water.

SCARAB_215HO_2015-0743 SCARAB_215Impulse_2015-3226

“The sales professionals at our MarineMax stores reported that women were expressing concern that these high performance boats may not be safe or comfortable for their families. And, in fact, the opposite is the truth, these are exceptionally comfortable and safe boats,” says Brett McGill, MarineMax Vice President of West Operations.

“Control the Anarchy emphasizes that the operator in in charge of the wild side of the Scarab Jet Boats,” continued McGill. “These are great boats that can safely take a family from heart pounding displays of agility to performing as a superior boat for tow sports as well as simply providing an ideal platform for a relaxing sunset cruise.”

Scarab makes a complete line of jet boats from 16 to 25-feet utilizing the renowned Rotax® Jet Propulsion System. The Scarab 165 features a single 150 horsepower jet drive with an option for a single 250 horsepower jet. The Scarab 195 offers a single 200 horsepower engine with an option for a single 250 horsepower jet. The Scarab 215 sports twin Rotax Jets in 300 horsepower (twin 150) or optional 400 horsepower (twin 200). The Scarab 255 can be 300 (twin 150) horsepower in its basic configuration, 400 horsepower (twin 200) or a whopping 500 horsepower (twin 250).

Find more about Scarab Jet boats at

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