Water Levels Make MarineMax Dallas Sales Consultant Ecstatic as Season Begins

Franklin Pillsbury IV, veteran MarineMax Dallas Yacht Center sales consultant is thrilled. The docks at Pier 121 Marina in Lewisville are raised several feet above land. That hasn’t happened in more than three years.

“This ramp that leads to the floating docks is usually flat,” explained Pillsbury. “Now the ramp is steep, which is good for boating and business. With all the rain we have been seeing lately, Lake Lewisville is at capacity and is even overflowing in some areas.”
This is the first time since March 2012 that the lake has reached these levels. Forecasters are predicting that the lake will stay at a high level throughout the boating season.

“Sunday here at the marina was like a June day,” Pillsbury added. “We have had two large boats sold in just this past week. With our planned Shrimp and Lobster Fest, Dog Days of Summer Raft Up, Boat-In Movie Night and other events coming up, this should be a great summer of boating on Lake Lewisville.”

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