Tips for Shooting Great On-Water Videos with a GoPro Camera.

GoPro action cameras have redefined the video experience, allowing us to record our experiences in a simple way that is easily within reach of just about anyone. The video cameras are particularly good for capturing outdoor experiences, such as boating.

For great videos, here are some tips to remember when you bring a GoPro Hero camera out on the water:

Before you get started…

  • Condition the battery by discharging and recharging fully for the first two or three times you use it. This will maximize your camera’s battery life.
  • Learn the buttons. They are simple enough, but it will take practice to get the most out of the experience.
  • Use a high-quality memory card. For example, a 32GB card will capture about three hours of quality video. Check the GoPro web site for suggestions on the memory cards that work best with the camera and the shooting situation so that you can get the most out of the experience.
  • When you begin working with the camera pay attention to two main settings, the resolution and the frame rate. The resolution settings vary from 3840 x 2160 pixels to 848 x 480 pixels which governs the sharpness of the video imagery. The frame rate controls how many video frames are captured in a period of time. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video; the lower the frame rate, the choppier. Frame rate also controls slow motion and other special effects.
  • Pair your GoPro with the camera remote and smartphone app. Now you are ready to shoot and share.

Here’s how to create interesting videos that capture your audience:

  • Plan the video: Plan your video with the end product in mind. And remember to shoot plenty of footage so you can put together one great video.
  • Keep the scenes short: By keeping the length of scenes short, you can more easily add variety to the video. Keep track of footage and edit unwanted scenes.
  • The closer the better. These cameras make for such an exciting perspective; you can use this technology for some really spectacular close-up shots. Remember though, don’t shoot into the sun, and don’t forget the extra batteries.
  • Create movement: If you are shooting water sports the action already provides the movement, but you can bring movement into even static scenes by walking around, moving the camera and shooting from different angles and perspectives.
  • Speaking of angles: Look for the unusual ones. Perspective is everything, use close-ups and various points of view to add variety to your shooting.
  • Play with perspective: Increase depth of field by keeping static items in the foreground.
  • Try the slow-mo feature, or time-lapse which lets you set it and forget it.

Whether you are enjoying a lazy afternoon on the lake or going for the gusto in a major water sports challenge, making the GoPro a part of your time on the water is a priceless addition.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Shooting Great On-Water Videos with a GoPro Camera.

  1. When I received my first and current camera for my birthday which was in fact a Nikon, I also wanted to grab my hands on a GoPro to document by adventures. Thank you for this snippet of how to more proactively use the GoPro.

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