Kicking Back While Kicking Off

Football Aboard
Fall means many things to many people including football. However, not everyone wants to give up their boating on weekends to sit at home or in a bar watching football.

Keep everyone happy, and plan on watching the game on your boat. With today’s technologies it is much easier to watch live television remotely. There are many options to fit your budget and type of vessel. Yachts often have televisions in practically every space and use satellite television antenna systems such as KVH TracVision starting at about $3,000, and the sky is literally the limit. For a fraction of the cost, Winegard Company makes a portable satellite antenna starting around $500. It uses a single coaxial cable to automatically connect to the satellite provider of your choice.

Even easier to use are live streaming options you can get for your laptop or tablet. ESPN and Sling Television have live streaming available starting around $20 per month. Chromecast is a $35 device that allows users to “cast” the live streaming to any television that has a HDMI connector. Roku and Apple TV are gaining favor with people that want to disconnect from cable providers.

Most marinas have internet and cable or satellite television. Usually these are offered to the slip holders for free or at a nominal cost. There’s almost no excuse to skip the football game or time on the boat! Our MarineMax stores agree. Our West Florida stores are hosting the Super Bowl Getaway (click to sign up!) at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island.

This fall, get off the couch, pack up the beer and guacamole, call the gang and watch the gridiron grappling from the back of your boat.

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