MarineMax Panama City Beach to Hold Free Fishing Seminar – Trout and Winter Fishing

Trout Fishing
PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., (November 30, 2015) – MarineMax Panama City Beach announced today that they will be hosting a free seminar on targeting and landing trout and other area bay and gulf winter species, December 12, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. The “Trout and Winter Fishing on Our Bays and Gulf” seminar will be held at MarineMax Panama City Beach in a classroom setting.

“Join us for our last free seminar of this season. Our resident instructor Tom Putnam, Owner of Half-Hitch Tackle Stores, will teach the techniques, methodology and proper tackle for fishing to successfully catch trout and other winter species,” said seminar host Bob Fowler, Sales Consultant and Broker at MarineMax Panama City Beach. “Tom will share his trade secrets to catching winter trout and other great fish on our beautiful Panhandle Bays and Gulf.”

Trout and other species can be caught in the Panama City Beach area all year. However, as the water cools the populations of fish move to the warmer waters inshore. Trout and other fish species are cold-blooded and their body temperatures stay around the same as the water that they swim in, which factors into slowing their metabolism. Temperate waters in the bays and rivers around the Panama City are warmer and provide sanctuary; good news for local fishermen looking to catch trout.

“Having the proper tackle and knowing how, where and when to find trout and winter species will give you a great advantage. That is what this seminar is all about,” added Fowler

Each participant will receive free instructional sheets and a valuable Half-Hitch Discount Coupon and, as usual, your host Bob Fowler will be providing the ‘half-time entertainment’ with his professional vocal styling.

For more information contact Julie Eliasen at 850-708-1317or email

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