Halfway to Summer – Plan Ahead


If you live in the north where it IS too cold to boat, or in the south where you only THINK it is too cold to boat, January marks the halfway point to when it’s perfect weather to boat. This is the time to start planning your warm weather boating adventures. By planning ahead you may be able to get that reservation at the special marina that is always booked during the summer, explore new destinations, attend an event, or make the MarineMax Getaways!® that you always wanted to go on. Planning ahead should also include scheduling warranty, maintenance and repair work so your boat will be ready when you are.

A MarineMax Sales Consultant is a great resource for planning. They are boating enthusiasts, just like you and have a lot of knowledge about special places and how to get there, as well as, what to expect and what to bring. Ask if they are planning any Getaways! that are not currently posted on the MarineMax website. Getaways! are MarineMax guided trips that can be just for the day or over extended periods, several days or even weeks. They allow owners to experience adventures that otherwise they may not have the confidence to try or connect boaters who just like to travel with other boaters.

Your MarineMax consultant may not have all the knowledge, but they often know other customers that have the experience and may be willing to share their insights. Almost all MarineMax stores have events during this time of year. By attending you will meet other boaters whom you can share your ideas with and receive their thoughts. You can find the events on your local MarineMax store’s landing page on the MarineMax website. Simply click on the “Find a Store” tab at the top of the home page, search by state or zip code. Click on your local store and then click on “Events.”

It is important to remember that at MarineMax we do not sell boats. We sell the boating lifestyle that changes people’s lives.  As the world’s largest and most trusted recreational marine retailer, we believe boaters share a common bond; we are all United by Water.

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