It’s a Great Time to be Boating in New Jersey



BRICK, NJ., (March 23, 2016) – At a special press event held at the MarineMax Brick store, MarineMax announced that with the recently enacted sales tax reduction to 3.5% and the state of the current boating conditions, there has never been a better time for boating enthusiasts to get back on the water.

On October 22, 2012, one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit the eastern seaboard smashed into New Jersey’s coastline creating havoc, destroying homes and businesses. Superstorm Sandy also wreaked havoc on the boating industry, setting it back with destroyed manufacturing facilities, marinas and boats and by creating hazardous debris strewn throughout the waterways.

Recently, in an effort to support the once thriving industry and to help get boaters back on the water, Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that slashed state sales taxes on boats purchased in New Jersey by half, to 3.5%, to help boost and promote New Jersey’s boating industry and boat ownership.

“After Sandy, people had to focus on getting their lives back together, and they pretty much stopped boating due to lost boats, and dangerous waterways. It took years, but the cleanup of the coastline and waterways is now pretty much complete, and today the sales tax on boats is just 3.5%, making this a great time for folks to get back into their favorite pastime,” said Michael Aiello, MarineMax Mid-Atlantic Regional President. “In addition to tax savings, MarineMax has partnered with a fantastic new to the USA brand, Galeon Yachts. A popular brand for over 30-years in Europe, Galeon is the best selling yacht in Germany and won the European Power Boat of the Year at the Dusseldorf Boat Show this year. We will have models at our New Jersey stores very soon. Come by and check them out.”

The law effects all boats and other vessels sold in New Jersey, and caps the sales tax amount at $20,000, which applies to boats and yachts sold over $571,000.

“We really don’t know how long this tax benefit will last. Therefore we urge boat buyers to take advantage now rather than miss out later. There are a lot of boats available at great prices. It really has never been a better time for boaters or those wanting to become a boater in the state of New Jersey,” concluded Cini.

For additional information please contact Greta Andrews at 973-663-2045 or by email at

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